The Illogic of Spending on Stuff

Stuff weighs us down, physically, emotionally, and mentally. You have to move, store, and maintain it. You need to plan organizational strategies, take care of your belongings, and make sure it’s in good condition. Stuff becomes an emotional burden as well, where we’re spending more time cleaning, managing stuff (the buying and selling processes that … Continue reading The Illogic of Spending on Stuff

The High Cost of Crap

Crap – the stuff that fills our lives and somehow takes over, overwhelming and eventually burying the owner in a landslide of minutia – takes many forms. Emotional crap, the burdens we absorb from others, or perhaps create in ourselves; obligatory crap, the duties and commitments we must uphold because of some important reason. (I … Continue reading The High Cost of Crap

In Praise of a Side Hustle

Money – we all need it, and the sad truth of hard cash is sometimes it runs short. Unexpected vehicle repair, illness, the kids suddenly grew 6 inches taller and everybody needs a wardrobe update – you need money, fast. The best solution is to save for it, and I know you’re saying, how can … Continue reading In Praise of a Side Hustle

Budget Buster: Preparing a Pantry

This isn’t one of those SHTF prepping articles, although it very well could be. The advice in them is simple, and harkens back to Grandma’s days – have a pantry in your home, filled with non-perishables and the basic ingredients of food you can prepare and enjoy cooking (note the last part – if you … Continue reading Budget Buster: Preparing a Pantry

5 easy ways to save BIG

home - money - life Got an unexpected expense? Holiday bills coming in? Planning to save for a home or holiday -- whatever the reason, you need extra cash, FAST. Here's my top five ways to save BIG TIME. Number One Don’t spend. Sounds simple, but take on a personal challenge – how long can … Continue reading 5 easy ways to save BIG