Steps in Buying a Home for First Time Homebuyers

You just saw your dream home on – and you want it – now! You call up the listing realtor only to be told it’s already sold conditionally to another buyer. How did they act so fast? That buyer already had a plan in place, and were likely shopping many months before you were … Continue reading Steps in Buying a Home for First Time Homebuyers

The Illogic of Spending on Stuff

Stuff weighs us down, physically, emotionally, and mentally. You have to move, store, and maintain it. You need to plan organizational strategies, take care of your belongings, and make sure it’s in good condition. Stuff becomes an emotional burden as well, where we’re spending more time cleaning, managing stuff (the buying and selling processes that … Continue reading The Illogic of Spending on Stuff

Budget Buster: Preparing a Pantry

This isn’t one of those SHTF prepping articles, although it very well could be. The advice in them is simple, and harkens back to Grandma’s days – have a pantry in your home, filled with non-perishables and the basic ingredients of food you can prepare and enjoy cooking (note the last part – if you … Continue reading Budget Buster: Preparing a Pantry