Otherwise known as Big City to Small Town.

Sprawling metropolis? Commuter nightmares? Exorbitant housing prices?

Yep, we lived it, left it, and haven’t looked back.

Our family made the decision to relocate from the Greater Toronto Area to a Smalltown, Central Ontario over six years ago, and although we’ve navigated a few challenges, we think it’s the best decision we’ve ever made.

Our only regret? That we didn’t do it sooner.

home – money – life

That slogan keeps showing up, and here’s why – learning about home – money – life are the most important lessons we’ve learned along the way. Family is implied in all of it, because it’s hard to take care of your family if you don’t have a place to live or money for bills, and it’s all about living your life, the way you want.

One of the biggest factors in our family’s decision to leave two secure jobs and Ontario’s fantastic, publicly funded hospitals, was quality of life.

With long commutes and excessive working hours, we didn’t have time to spend with the people we cared about or doing the things we wanted; namely spending time with our children. Two of our children have special needs, and require ongoing medical care, so we still find ourselves going back to the Big City for regular appointments (Hello, Sick Kids), but outside of our City Days (as we call them), we’re free to enjoy the beaches, forests, and countryside in our Smalltown life.

As an added bonus, due to the lower cost of living, we need to work fewer hours to meet our needs.

In short, our relocation is win-win.

For more on our move, and the lessons we learned about home – money – life check out the blog for handy tips on housing, real estate, moving, and finances — and maybe a recipe for chicken soup thrown into the mix.

Considering a move from Big City to Smalltown? Give me a shout angelaathome2000@gmail.com I’d love to give you some factors that made our relocation a success.